oh fuck


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oh shit oh fuck


Name: Meulon/Twisted/Lemon
Pronouns: he/they/moon/star/bite
Birthday: 10/20
Prefs: uhhhh demi + mlm

✓ Likes ✓
Undertale, Homestuck, Friday Night Funkin, Aquatic life, Slugs, Memes, Splatoon, Astronomy, Astrology, MBTI content, Furry content, Kubz Scouts, M0istCr1tikal, Pokemon, The color yellow, Minecraft, Monster Prom, Slime Rancher, FNAF, Spooky Month, My Little Pony, The Lego Batman movies
✘ dislikes ✘
Basic DNI Criteria, Drama, Proshippers (plz dni), Racism, DSMP stans, Dream Stans, Toxic Danganronpa fans, zoophiles, people who like thatever tf alfred's playhouse is

ExtratwistedApparition#9221 is my Discord
twistedApparition is my PC
Lemonwas_here is my Roblox
SW-0884-6546-8590 is my friend code
I do silly impressions sometimes
I speak in lowercase most of the time

KinsSayori (DDLC), Pinkie Pie (MLP), Ink!Sans, Killer!Sans, BF, Callie (splatoon), Blitz (Helluva Boss), Fresh!Sans, Skid (Spooky Month), Cirvava hermod (hiveswap), Lego Joker, Gamzee Makara (Homestuck)